The Monroe Place Halloween Bash is Back!

Discover the Best in Free Atlanta Events!

Can you believe we have already made it back to October? It seems like only yesterday we were preparing to decorate our patios for the scariest in Halloween themes-which is something we absolutely love to do around here. May the best patio win.

With the return of Autumn, the weather has cooled down which means plenty of events to choose from to enjoy the change in season.

Atlanta is one of the greatest cities to live in-especially Midtown-since there is a plethora of events to attend and most of them free that encompass a wide variety of themes and genres.

Here is a list of a few events and festivals happening in Atlanta during the month of October:

  • Latin America Film Festival – held at the Woodruff Art Center; expect screenings of a variety of Hispanic movie features
  • Scottish Festival and Highland Games – held at Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park, this annual event see a range of activities paying tribute to Scottish heritage and culture; expect to see folk dancing, parades and athletic events accompanied by traditional Scottish bagpipe music
  • Harvest Moon Bluesfest – held at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds, this three-day event is Georgia’s premier blues festival. Visitors can hear live blues performances while enjoying a variety of food and drink

Where do you go for fun? Tell us about it!

Which is the Scariest Movie of Them All?

Do you enjoy going to the movies? I certainly do! Sitting back with a big bucket of popcorn and enjoying a great flick is one of my favorite things to do! BTW, I’m not great at sharing my popcorn so you will have to plan on getting your own! 😉

When you think of a scary movie? Which one is the first to pop into your mind? Freddie? Halloween? Jason? The list goes on and on. Are you easily frightened by a great movie? Do you sit there and cringe and hold tightly onto your neighbors arm or do you just watch in awe?

According to W3 Lifestyle, the scariest movies of all time are: Do you agree?

Scariest Movies of All Time.

Click on the image to enlarge and read more! Which movie comes to your mind that didn’t make the list and probably should have?

Happy Halloween!

Resident Halloween Party!

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