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WABE: Agreement Reached to Save the Fox (“This Day in History” series) (2011-06-02)

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Without question, the magnificent Fox Theatre, one of the nation’s great performing arts centers, is the grand dame of Atlanta’s famed Peachtree Street. Born at the end of the Roaring Twenties, the “Fabulous Fox” weathered the Great Depression and offered respite for moviegoers during World War II. From the 1940s through the late 1960s, the Fox was the place in Atlanta to take in a movie followed by snacks at the nearby Varsity drive-in (another Atlanta landmark still serving their trademark “yellow dogs”—hotdogs with mustard). The theater came close to collapse in the 1970s, when declining attendance caused by explosive suburban growth left the prospect of the wrecking ball looming over threadbare and neglected Fox. [Read More here]

ATLANTA, GA (WABE) – Today is June 2nd, and if we were to turn Atlanta’s clock back 36 years to this date in 1975 we’d find an agreement being reached to save the historic Fox Theatre from demolition. Here, WABE’s Steve Goss talks with Georgia State University historian Cliff Kuhn… © Copyright 2011,

WABE: Agreement Reached to Save the Fox (“This Day in History” series) (2011-06-02).

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