The Hunt Is On…

Photo taken in Atlanta area

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You know we love the Beltline. Well, now Art on the Beltline and Creative Loafing are teaming up for a cool event this Saturday, October 15-an Art on the Beltline Scavenger Hunt. Registration is $10 per person. Proceeds will benefit the Atlanta Beltline.

The starting location and clues will be provided at 9 AM on game day, then individuals or teams can go check out the artwork and match what they find to the clues.

How to play:

Individuals or teams are given a clue card. At each winning stop, individual or team must Twitpic piece of artwork to #arthunt, or they must mark card with correct answers at each stop.

How to win:

First individual or team to correctly Twitpic all artworks wins, or first to make it to finish line with all clues correctly answered wins. CL will monitor Twitpics as race goes on to determine winner.

There will be prizes for all participants, and the first-prize winners will receive tickets to Bodies: The ExhibitionThe High Museum of Art: Picasso to Warhol, the Georgia Aquarium, and Netherworld Haunted House, plus art by street artist HENSE and Kyle Brooks.

Full rules here. Why not get together a team of your friends to go explore one of the coolest things intown?

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